Get ready for e-IDAS 2 with a future-proof solution.

Leverage an established, easy-to-integrate solution to create a secure and privacy-friendly digital identity wallet. Our EUDI Wallet toolbox is already certified and in use for millions of citizens across the UE.

What is the EUDI Wallet?

The EU Digital Identity Wallet is the European Union’s response to the challenges of digital identification. Every EU Member State will offer its own wallet app, built to the same specifications, to all citizens, residents and businesses from 2026.

Store and share

person identification data (PID) and electronic attestations of attributes (EAA);

Connect to thousands of services

Identify and authenticate to public and private services, on and offline. without
filling forms and creating new passwords.

Digitally sign documents

Give your electronic documents the same legal value as a printed and signed paper.

Present your ID in seconds

Prove your age and identity for administrative duties, legal checks or travel.

Manage privacy & consent

Choose which personal data you share and manage your history of consents.

Our Toolbox features

Build your certified EUDI-Wallet using a complete solution, covering PID and attestation management to user authentication. Our toolkit makes secure, interoperable and seamless ID wallet a reality. 

Wallet Management

Manage device security and user identity lifecycle.

User authentication

Inclusive authentication via biometrics, eID via NFC reading, push notification, PIN, OTP…)

PID Management

Secure and swift onboarding via eID card via NFC reading, OCR, and biometrics.

Attestations management

Issue and receive attestations. Organize & orchestrate consent over data sharing.

Verifier kit

Connectors to read and verify attestations, for distant and proximity checks.

Client Case

France Digital Identity Wallet

IDWallet is already implemented in France where iDAKTO supports the government in providing an IDWallet to all citizens through the “France Identité” application.

Why IDWallet?

What makes IDWallet by iDAKTO special?


Our wallet technology is fully certified by ANSSI for level of assurance high.

Security by design

Best-in-class security based on eID chip, HSM, cryptography algorithms, and secure PIN capture.

Privacy by design

Highest data protection requirements such as decentralized data storage, minimal disclosure, and privacy by design.


Our platform is scalable for millions of users and millions of credentials.


Our architecture includes eIDAS 2.0 protocols (e.g. ISO 18013 mDL, SD-JWT, JSON-LD, OpenID4VC, OpenID4VP).


Open-source solution to allow Member States and interested parties to develop their own digital wallet. 

Accelerate eIDAS-2 compliance with Idakto

Go faster

Implement a certified solution, already in production and notify your eID scheme faster.

Easy to integrage

Take advantage of detailed documentation, product guides, API libraries that help you get up and running with ease.


Enjoy the modularity of a solution based on micro-services.

Demo available

Get access to our open-source demo wallet for test and development purposes.

Our participation in standards

iDAKTO is part of the following committees

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