Our mission

iDAKTO makes digital identity easier to create, use and share.

Our solutions are deployed globally across governments and corporate institutions leveraging technology to safeguard private data and elevate the user experience. Today, we empower 200M users with a digital ID of legal value that ensures secure and convenient access to thousands of online services.

iDAKTO Solutions outstand themselves by offering a complete integration of the digital identity lifecycle, from registration to online identity verification. Our products ensure a high level of trust, relying on an innovative technological base to secure the elements of a digital identity.


Digital interactions require trust. We created iDAKTO in 2019 to enable simple, secure interactions between users and service providers, in a digital world that evolves constantly. 

iDAKTO was born with an innovative mind. Our work is rooted in cybersecurity. From there, we are going much further: our mission is to create global solutions to identify users, authenticate service providers and their customers, and enable an interaction that is both easy and reliable. We ensure the whole lifecycle of the interaction, based on safely identifying people, organizations, or devices.

Our identity contract enables trusted digital interactions according to iDAKTO’s 3 core values:


Digital identity is an opportunity for everyone.
It has to be inclusive. Whether they are digital natives or not, all citizens have a right to easily access private and public digital services.


Security first: secure interactions are our priority.
Our platform protects every user from identity theft and keeps personal data safe from prying eyes.


Privacy is non-negotiable.
Quick and easy interactions should not rely on allowing  commercial use of our personal data. Confidentiality is at the core of our method: we systematically ensure user consent; we reduce data transfer to the relevant minimum; we apply international standards and General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

Our Story

JUNE 2019

Creation of iDAKTO


Launch of ID Lab


1st patent filed

iDAKTO now has 8 patents filed in cybersecurity and cryptography.

JUNE 2020

Release of first version of IDCluster solution


ID Lab moves to Angers #VillaFrenchTech

APRIL 2021

iDAKTO is selected by French Government to develop France Identité Numérique


1st France Cybersecurity Label

APRIL 2022

Morocco launches digital ID system based on iDAKTO solutions

MAY 2022

Launch of France Identité Numérique based on iDAKTO solutions

February 2024

iDAKTO is awarded the Research Prize by the In Cyber Forum (FIC)

Our participation in standards

iDAKTO is part of the following committees

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Our team

iDAKTO was founded by experts with over 20 years of experience in the field of identification and authentication. We have gathered complementary talents from IAM, cybersecurity and online payment sectors to create a universal trusted platform, providing digital identity services that can be used on a national scale. 

There are now 50 of us, and we’re hiring!

Hassan Maad

Founder and CEO

Hassan is a digital identity enthusiast, since the rise of this technology in the 1990s. He has executive experience in the major companies of the field, including eight years as a managing director for Evidian, and has led several start-ups to success in various sectors, such as finance, social security, health and administration. Hassan founded iDAKTO in 2019, with an aim to make it a leader in Identity Access Management at country scale.

Gérard Dedieu


Gérard is an IT engineer, graduated from Télécom Nancy. He has 20 years of experience in program development. As iDAKTO’s CTO, he coordinates technical roadmaps for developers on two sites (St-Quentin and Angers). He oversees all technical developments for iDAKTO. His mission is to ensure iDAKTO’s products fit clients’ needs and expectations.

Yann Bouan


Yann is an engineer and a rugby player: he has a team mindset to solve problems. Before joining iDAKTO, he worked for 16 years on identity security, to fill the gap between physical and digital data. As iDAKTO’s CMO, he shapes our brands and develops partnerships.

Marc Loutrel


With 20 years of experience in the cyber security area, Marc has managed teams of high-skill consultants, especially in the field of Identity & Access Management, delivering top-valuable projects in terms of digital transformation, and this in different sectors (finance, postal services, defense and governmental), in France and Internationally, particularly at the French Ministry of Interior (French Digital Identity) and the French Digital Health Agency.
He graduated from the University of Technology of Troyes and received a PhD in Computer Science from the University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris, France).

Marine Chartier

Legal Manager

Marine has a degree in intellectual property law and new technologies (Assas and Sorbonne). With more than 5 years of experience as a legal manager for young Tech companies, she has developed a solid knowledge of AI law, digital identity and related legal issues. From business to corporate, including support for the different services and the promotion of her know-how, Marine is in charge of coordinating iDAKTO's legal strategy.

David Cossard

Head of ID Lab

David is an engineer, with a degree from Polytech Tours and fifteen years of experience in security software development before he joined iDAKTO. He leads iDAKTO’s IDLab, where the team creates new security solutions for tomorrow’s digital identity.

Stéphane Cauchie

Head of Innovation

Stéphane is an engineer, with a degree from Polytech Tours. He is a researcher and an innovator, with more than ten years of experience in security, cryptography, payment and online services. He coordinates iDAKTO’s latest developments.

Imane Regad

Project Manager

Imane is a project manager with a Master's degree from Mines Telecom. Previously, she worked in the luxury and automotive industries as a product manager, helping her clients shape and deliver solutions tailored to their needs. She joined iDAKTO to bring the same expertise as a project manager to identify issues and drive different projects.

Salma Samiei

R&D Manager in AI

Salma is a data scientist with a Ph.D. from the University of Angers. She has experience doing research in different domains, such as life science and cybersecurity. She brings strong artificial intelligence (AI) expertise to the team. Her job includes leading projects related to computer vision and artificial intelligence for user verification, fraud detection and identity management.

Jacques Lebastard

User Experience R&D Manager

Jacques has accumulated a broad range of engineering experience in computer security, primarily in areas involving the use of cryptography for the purpose of user authentication. He manages a full stack development team that provides the authentication platform for citizens.

Frédéric Viollet

Digital ID R&D Manager

Frédéric is an R&D Manager with more than 20 years of experience in software development, designing and implementing Identity & Access Management systems.

Laurent Follin

Services Manager

Laurent is a versatile cybersecurity consultant with ten years of experience, particularly on the subjects of digital identity and asymmetric cryptography. He is mainly assigned to the pre-sales of security solutions and their integration issues in the information system. In-depth knowledge of the French and European regulatory environment.