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France upgrades its digital identity system with France Identité


The France Digital Identity program was established to simplify the processes for French citizens by providing secure access to online public services. Its objective is to streamline interactions with the administration while ensuring a high level of digital identity security.
In 2018, the French government launched this interministerial program to leverage the opportunities offered by the digitization of identities. France Identité aims to transform the management of digital identities, simplify administrative procedures, and strengthen security and fraud prevention.

Our mission

iDAKTO has proudly designed the ID card reading SDK and backend management system for France Identité, which will form a basis for France’s EU-mandated digital identity wallet. This system provides a secure access to public and private online services to 70 million French citizens.

The result

Although the France Identity app was in beta with only some thousands users in 2023, it reached one million users in just one year. This significant increase is due to the addition of use cases that makes citizens’ life easier.
Today, citizens can use the secure France Identity app to present their identities during checks, access public services, or request a voting proxy.

In short, the France Digital Identity Wallet provided by iDAKTO is : 

  • Certified level of assurance “High” by ANSSI

  • Used by more than 1 million people

  • Gives access to over 1400 services online

  • Foundation of France’s future EUDI Wallet

Simplify, simplify, simplify : making your ID card and driver’s license accessible directly on your smartphone to facilitate your procedures, is now possible with Tested and approved!

Emmanuel Macron

French President , Tweeted on 20/02/24

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