Our solutions

Users need easy and secure interactions with their service providers.
They need to be safe from hackers and identity theft.
They shouldn’t need to give away their data to cloud providers to access services. 

iDCluster is our software solution to enable governments and businesses to facilitate authentication. It is simple, secure, sovereign.



A unique login
with multiple factor authentication

Automatic form filling for users

Leverage existing ID infrastructures to provide eIDAS High level assurance for identification

Reduce fraud in minutes by integrating services using the OpenID Connect standard


Cryptographic chip first approach

Minimal data storage


Minimal data sharing with selective disclosure


Identity data is stored in the user’s wallet

Infrastructure is hosted by the identity issuer and scalable to any number of users

Service providers only access shared information and do not manage passwords

Multi-factor authentication

Service providers can choose among several authorized authentication methods: 

  • NFC reading of ID card
  • PIN
  • Password
  • One-time password (provided by the mobile app, or via SMS or email)
  • Biometrics: facial recognition or fingerprint. 

Citizen services

  • Identity management through a citizen portal (activate/deactivate digital ID)
  • Consent management: citizens decide what data they share, for each interaction 
  • Data privacy: data remains on ID card, and is not hosted on servers
  • Notifications: citizens can be informed whenever their data is used
  • Unique, simplified procedure: citizens connect to all services with one app.

Service providers

  • Authenticity check on any document 
  • Identity check and consent collection 
  • Authentication of citizen identity 
  • Unique access to services
  • Proof of consent: keep a digital trace of the user’s consent 
  • Easy integration on any platform with OpenID Connect

Purpose built from the ground up

by design

by design




An open platform

Support any ID document

Support any authentication factor

Support traditional PKI and distributed ledger based infrastructures

Support standard OpenID Connect APIs for integration

Support government, private or public cloud hosting