Hassan MAAD, CEO of iDAKTO, at the Paris Cyber Summit 2023

12 June 2023

Hassan Maad was live on stage at the Paris Cyber Summit with Belgian Minister Mathieu MICHEL, Vangelis Ouzounis of European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), and former Minister of North Macedonia Admirim Aliti.

Identity is a foundation of cybersecurity and the digital transformation of states and it is the most user-centric by definition.

  • It must be inclusive to protect all citizens, even those who are not online.
  • It must be sovereign to guarantee full control by the citizen.
  • It must be interoperable and accessible so that any service can easily request and verify the data it needs.

Such an ID makes all citizens actors of both their personal and our common cybersecurity.

Furthermore, interoperable #digitalID under user control acts as an accelerator for digital transformation by providing a hub for different services to transparently and securely exchange user data. This decentralization towards the citizen fast tracks digital transformation by allowing all actors of society to participate at their own speed.

This is the approach promoted by the European Commission represented today by Lorena Boix Alonso with the Reference Architecture Framework for the #EUDIWallet.

This is the ID we help build for projects such as Morocco’s “mon Identité” and Programme interministériel France Identité Numérique.

Also speaking was French minister Charlotte Caubel on fighting digital violence and protecting youth. The Zero Knowledge Proof solution will bring some answers by providing anonymous verifiable proof of age.