enables trust

iDAKTO enables trust between public and private service providers and their users, in a fast-changing digital world.
We ensure simple, sovereign, secure interactions with personal data, all the way through each digital process. 
Our digital identity contract guarantees identity, authentication and privacy for millions of users as they interact with their government, banks and other service providers.

As a user
citizens and consumers

Identify securely to service providers

Keep control of your data:  

    • Securely store your data in your pocket 
    • Only share relevant information for each transaction
    • Choose your authentication method

Sign contracts online with a legally binding digital signature

As an identity provider
Public or private institutions

Leverage existing ID infrastructure
to quickly deploy digital ID

Protect citizens’ privacy
and increase cyber security

Offer top-rate digital services
and regain digital sovereignty

As a service provider
banks, insurance, e-commerce

Ease user onboarding
with simplified data requests

Reduce fraud
by relying on strong identification

Keep your users in control
of their own authentication

For everyday needs

iDAKTO covers the whole lifecycle of digital identity. Our solution combines identification (eKYC) and authentication (MFA and SSO) in one seamless, easy-to-integrate, product.


Versatile, free, non-mandatory ewallet allowing any citizen to identify online and offline

Fast onboarding

Seamless user registration to reduce user dropout


Sign legally binding documents.


Know Your Customer
Make sure you are interacting with the right person or service.


Multi-factor authentication server 
Combine NFC reading, PIN, and/or biometrics recognition


Single Sign-On 
Authenticate once to access many services

Trusted by

General direction of the National Security Morocco
Lebanese General Security