🏆 The InCyber Europe jury awards the Research Prize to iDAKTO.

26 February 2024

This award recognizes our efforts in innovation and R&D on our #iDCluster platform, which enables governments and businesses to facilitate user authentication and identification with their online service providers at a high level of assurance.

With 7 patents, our reusable digital identity wallet solution #iDCluster puts innovation at the heart of its technology. It even surpasses the limitations of the iPhone, allowing French citizens to verify their driver’s license via NFC from their iPhone 📲

Thanks to the members of the InCyber jury, its president Farah Rigal, and the entire Forum InCyber (FIC) – EUROPE team for this award, which pushes us to always push further in our research efforts and affirm our vision for digital trust in cyberspace.

📆 See you in Lille on March 26-28, 2024, for what promises to be exciting discussions!