iDAKTO is ready for the EUDIWallet

12 December 2022

The European Council has issued its official position on the future #EUDIWallet which sets a direction ahead of the upcoming three-way discussion between Council, Commission and Parliament.
It requires that the wallet provides a high level of assurance that:

  • The identity presented is real.
  • It belongs to the user presenting it.
  • It is shared with the user’s consent.
  • The service provider is clearly identifiable by the user.
  • The user can only request the necessary information for his use.

Private parties that are required by law to provide strong authentication will have 12 months after the provision of the wallet to accept it as a means of authentication, should the user wish to use it.
Thus, proving your identity will be much easier and identity theft will be made much more difficult.
Issuers will have a short 24 month window to implement the regulation but we will be ready to help: IDAKTO‘s digital identity solutions already meet the expressed requirements and two countries have already deployed iDAKTO’s platform in under 18 months!
#identitytheft #eidas #digitalsovereignty #digitalinclusion